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Ocho Rios



The parish of St. Ann‚ which lies on the north coast is also known as the “Garden parish” because of its tropical beauty. Ocho Rios owes most of its fame to the Dunn’s River Falls‚ a spectacular world-renowned treasure of Jamaica‚ which has been photographed and climbed by thousands of locals and a visitors. Ocho Rios is also famous for a rocky gorge of tremendous depth which zigzags for about 4 miles and is named Fern Gully. In the last 20 years‚ Ocho Rios has developed from a small town to a thriving tourist resort. Some of the exciting attractions include: Dolphin cove‚ Jamaica Inn‚ Mystic Mountain‚ Eden Falls and Shaw Park.

The Parish of St. Ann which lies the North Coast‚ is known as the “Garden Parish” because of its immense beauty. Its parish capital is the market town of St. Ann’s Bay. However‚ the resort development of this delightful parish is centered round the town of Ocho Rios. 

Ocho Rios has captured the hearts of visitors for hundreds of years. The beautiful scenery‚ landscape‚ beaches‚ the famous Dunn’s River Falls and a host of other attractions have made Ocho Rios one of the most visited tourist destination in the Caribbean. 

When Christopher Columbus first arrived in Jamaica in 1494‚ Ocho Rios was the only place he visited time and time again. In a message to the Queen of Spain‚ the great explorer described the area as “the fairest land my eyes have ever seen.”


Some places to visit in Ocho Rios: 

Dunns riverDunn's River Falls

Mystic MountainMystic Mountain 

Bob Marley Nine MileBob Marley House


jungle tubingJungle River Tubing

Dolphin CoveDolphin Cove

portOcho Rios Cruise Port